How To Advertise On Living Surrey TV

Reach and engage your audience across multiple channels!

Living Surrey is a multiple channel platform offering high quality video content across the region via websites, social media, YouTube and Satellite TV. Features, behind-the-scenes insights, interviews and much more are produced and distributed to viewers to watch how and when they want, whether that's on TV, on their mobile devices, on a PC.

And now we can offer local companies the opportiunity to reach across the entire spectrum of channels, online and off. Our content, and your promotional videos and ads, are distributed on Sky TV, Freesat, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, this web site, your web site, plus a wide range of local and regional web sites. That's a massive audience, targeted according to your needs and a great opportunity for your business to be seen and heard in a way that's never been seen before in Surrey!

Producing Your Video Ads

Advertising opportunities on Living Surrey TV include video production to help you benefit from all the opportunities available, as follows:
  • Full video shoot, including all pre-production planning, scripting and gathering archive material
  • A 20 second edit for insertion into ad breaks
  • A longer 2 minute edit for distribution online as a standalone video on Living Surrey TV, YouTube, and your own web site
  • Full post-production including sound and colour correcting, graphics and titles, library music, encoding and uploading

Distributing & promoting your video

Your advertisement and video will be promoted across our entire network of distribution channels, as follows:
  • Your short ad will appear on our Sky/Freesat LivingSurrey show as a 20 second segment during the mid-show ad break
  • Your short ad will appear in a pre-roll "bumper" segment on videos distributed to our online outlets including our YouTube Channel, The LivingSurrey web site, and Local/regional web sites
  • An embed link will be provided to you to place the longer 2 minute edit on your own web site, or any partner web sites you have access to. A full HD copy of the video file will also be supplied in MP4 format for your own use such as YouTube and Facebook uploads.
  • Your video will be promoted on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ etc.

How we work with you

Our video advertising and promotional opportunities are flexible and designed around your requirements and budget so that you get the maximum benefit. We first discuss with you the audience you want to reach and the story you want to tell about your business. With you we'll decide which editorial features you would like to be associated with, the length of your ads and videos, and the channels, timings, and period of time your ads will run for.

In all cases, the videos we produce for you are yours to keep and use as you wish after your LivingSurrey campaign is ended. You can upload your videos to your own web site, YouTube Channel, Facebook account etc., and use for your own purposes whenever you wish, adding permanent long-term value to the services we provide to you!

Why not contact David Campbell today on 01883 714430 or use the contact form here for a free, no obligation chat about the opportunities we can offer your business.

Republica Media

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